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Doug Lambert, accredited experienced professional business coach


1 to 1 coaching

The coaching journey is tailored to suit the unique needs of the individual and the organisation.  

1 to 1 coaching

At the outset, I would get a clear understanding of what the organization wants from the coaching for the benefit of the organization and the individual.  The coaching journey typically includes a series of 7-8 one-to-one sessions over a period for 10 – 12 months.  Each session lasts 1.5 – 2 hours. Please do feel free to contact me to discuss the coaching process and how we can tailor it to suit your individual needs.

Local talent development

Emiratization/Saudization/Localization is a strategic imperative and a critical part of the vision and strategy for these dynamic ME countries and their forward thinking public and private sector organizations 

It is a prime responsibility for all public and private sector organizations to develop local talent and grow role models and leaders for the future

 The approach used by Doug Lambert and his associates is closely tailored to suit the unique needs of the organization

Emirate talent development

The workshops are facilitated by highly experienced Arabic and English speaking coaches and include modules such as Self Awareness, Team Effectiveness, Project Management, Strategic Thinking and Decision Making, Marketing, Finance, Innovation and Creativity, Change Management and Public Speaking. 


There are several main  categories of workshops that I design and deliver. I thoroughly  enjoy tailoring workshops to suit the unique needs of organizations.

Group Workshops

I have a really strong group of associate coaches with specific expertise and experience  who help me facilitate the above workshops .  The programs can be delivered in English  and Arabic in Dubai or AD or any of the GCC countries

If you would like to find out more about these workshops, please contact me


Create a larger impact for your organization, get access to a series of online programs developed by Doug Lambert that can enhance your departments and enable business divisions to perform at their best. 

Online Programs

The online programs, will ensure we can track performance, identify key performers and provide customized rewards to encourage business and personal development. 

If you would like to hear more about this, please feel free to contact Doug.


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