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Dubai based executive coach, Doug Lambert, has more than 18 years of Board level experience, more than 4,000 hours of business coaching and the privilege of impacting more than 300 senior executives in over 70 companies. Doug brings a unique balance of senior executive experience at Board level, combined effortlessly with the professionalism of a seasoned and highly qualified executive coach. He has a proven track-record of successfully enabling senior executives to significantly improve their effectiveness and realize their full potential. Get in touch with Doug for a unique Middle East business coaching experience.


One to One Coaching

Doug leverages his extensive business and coaching experience at the highest level, with an emphasis on accelerated development and fast tracking of senior executives in key positions. 

Group Coaching

Doug gives special attention to influencing, relationship building, strategic thinking, leadership capability and team effectiveness with sharp focus on performance and key business goals and issues.

Online Programs

Many of us, at different stages of our lives, are faced with unique challenges and opportunities. At this stage of my life, I believe that I am very ready to leverage my experience to help others succeed. 


Are you performing at your best? Experience a unique Middle East business and coaching experience

Find the right solution for your business or individual needs. We offer tailored solutions that optimize business performance, develop individual skills, or identify key business leaders.


The world’s top leaders work with a Coach because
it is the quickest and most effective way of enabling them
to operate at their best. 

- Doug Lambert


Myles Downey:

One of Europe’s foremost business coaches and author of the renowned book

“Effective Coaching”

I have known Doug and worked with him for ten years or so. Many things mark him out but what makes him truly special is his gracious professionalism, his genuine commitment to people’s growth, while also understanding that coaching is about performance, not just for the individual but also for the organization in which they work.